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new vid - "This is the Picture" - Whedonverse multi

This is the Picture
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel / Firefly / Serenity / Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog / Dollhouse
Song/Artist: This is the Picture by Peter Gabriel feat. Laurie Anderson
Duration: 4:17 minutes

Summary: One story.
Spoilers: all

Kindly commissioned by yourlibrarian for ao3vidders.

AVI version, Xvid, 49.5MB (If you have problems viewing, you need to download and install the free divx codec.)
WMV version, 28.3MB
iPod-compatible M4V, 15.7MB

Password: therewillbeblood

multi_ThisIsThePicture from Nicky on Vimeo.

Please do not repost to YouTube etc.

flying birds, excellent birds
watch them fly, there they go
falling snow, excellent snow
here it comes, watch it fall

long words, excellent words
I can hear them now

this is the picture

I'm sitting by the window, watching the snow fall
I'm looking out and I'm moving, turning in time
catching up, moving in
jump up! I can land on my feet. look out!

this is the picture

looking out, watching out
when I see the future I close my eyes
I can see it now

I see pictures of people, rising up
pictures of people, falling down
I see pictures of people
they're standing on their heads, they're ready
they're looking out, look out!
they're watching out, watch out!

Well, no, I don't actually think it's all one story; I just needed a catchy summary. Although I do think one could argue there is one essential Whedonian narrative, something along the lines of the importance of agency and free choice, pitched against an embodied concept of evil - the kind of omnipresent, omnipotent evil that, at the end of the day, resides in the hearts of people and thus can never be eradicated. The power of that narrative lies in a small band of people who manage to stand up against that evil for just one moment in time, even if they know and we know it'll never last.

yourlibrarian gave me the song and asked for a Jossverse multi. The melody, rhythm and song structure are all quite different to the kind of music I'd normally use, so planning and editing were fun challenges. Most of the vidding time (about 3 months) was spent on the rewatching/storyboarding process; the editing itself took less than 2 weeks.

I think if one were so inclined, one could certainly find comments regarding gender and racial representation in the clip choices and how the narrative is put together. Some of those were intentional, some were accidents that seemed like they could be intentional upon review. I think a vid works mostly as a mirror: viewers get back what they put in.

Lately I've been admiring some more abstract-style vids, in particular lim's Dilute and hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna's Seven, and some of that influence can probably be seen here. The narrative is also a bit more stream-of-consciousness than what I'm used to, which was a deliberate choice. Of course, with this much source I probably can't have made it non-stream-of-consciousness if I tried, so I guess it's not so much real choice as it is the illusion of having made a choice. Which ties nicely back to the narrative, and the question of whether such a distinction matters at all. ;)
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